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Interlight has one of the largest inventories of medical and scientific replacement light bulbs and batteries available. We specialize in bulbs for all types of medical equipment from dental to surgical to opthalmic. We sell premium product from GE, Osram Sylvania, Ushio and other quality manufacturers.

INTERLIGHT has the medical, scientific and dental light bulbs and batteries you need. With an unsurpassed selection of lamps and batteries, we can ensure that you have the right item, without the need for second guessing.

Use our AI search tool to ensure you find the right bulb or battery the first time!

INTERLIGHT medical and scientific lamps and batteries are designed for use in microscopes, surgical equipment, examination equipment, and other important healthcare uses.

We supply the top brands, base types, wattages, color temperatures, and bulb shapes.  No outsourced call centers or long wait times!




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