Print Specs
  • Watage: 27
  • Base: GX10Q-4 4 PIN BASE IN A SQUARE
  • Shape: T4
  • Color Temp: 6300K


FML 27W 6500K bulb quad tube CFL bulb 4 pin GX10Q-4 base. Serviceable for up to 10,000 hours of average rated life with 1,330 lumens of brightness


Crisp and Clear Light Output - This FML 27EX D bulb is the perfect companion to light up your space when you're reading or doing your daily tasks


Saves Energy - This FML27W 6500K is the ideal PLM-65W 6500K replacement. Giving you the same crisp daylight light while consuming only 27 watts of power

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Order Code: FML27W-6500K
This product can be used as a replacement for the above product and others.
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