PE300BF CL300BF 300W Xenon Lamp

The Perkin Elmer PE300BF is a 300W Ceramic Xenon Lamp. This is a very popular lamp in many 300W Xenon equipment applications. This lamp is also commonly reffered to as the CL300BF and CXE300BF. Perkin Elmer as of recently was aquired by Excelitas who now also supplies this lamp.

This lamp can be commonly found in the following applications: (please note this is a partial list)

Olympus MD-631 Ushio UXR-300D
Ushio UXR-300AU ORC 300FP
Ushio UXR-300BU 300W Ceramic Xenon
Ushio UXR-300C GE General Electric CXE300BF
Ushio UXR-300CU GE General Electric CXE300BFSB
Excelitas XL300